BudgEat moving forward into 2018

It’s a new year, and we’ve been drafting and planning on a simple “New year post” for our social presence online. But coming short … Why is this, I believe it’s because we have so much to say and discuss that a simple post just wasn’t right for the job.

In 2018 we’re reevaluating what BudgEat really is.

  • Are we only an online presence or do we incorporate some form of real world presence that Customers in Dominica are use to?
  • Do we keep working on our Mobile app and strip features we deem unnecessary or do we use existing platforms where users are already using?
  • What blog platform do we continue to use, Medium or WordPress or create our own via http://www.budgeat.co?
  • Is our main Business model to make money via ads or elsewhere?

So many questions… So little time… And the opportunity and Users interest starts to dwindle.

The one thing we’re sure about moving forward in 2018 is that we want to start providing our customers with quality service.

… Which includes :

  1. Menu suggestions
  2. Food ordering and logistics
  3. Mobile Loyalty
  4. Food fact game/s
  5. Grocery / Food items pricing and listings
  6. … An overall exceptional experience for Foodies on a Budget

Happy 2018…


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April 9, 2018 · 00:58

My new favorite word

For a few weeks now I’ve been obsessing about the phrase… 

Much to be desired

And the obsession became so intense that I thought of purchasing the domain 


But my better half and friends advise me against it.

It all started when I was looking up a solution to a bug I’ve been having. This guy online had a similar issue and was looking for help, but he had posted his code in the wrong format or without proper formatting… Anyway, this commenter called him out on his bullshit by saying something to the effect of… 

Your code leaves much to be desired

To be honest… I thought that was pretty hilarious. I started using the phrase for any and everything that I deemed much to be desired ūüėČ

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September 10, 2017 · 18:09

Downloading FREE software online is more dangerous than you think!


I’ve been taking an Android Java development class for some weeks now and yesterday we had a topic about Software signing and key certificates which raised an interesting question. This is the question…

If signing a piece of software generates such a complicated key (128 bits), how do software obtain on say, torrent sites have separate keygen applications which can generate the exact key combination for that particular software?

A long Ass-question, but the lecturer understood where I was getting at and what he told me change my perspective completely.
He said that employees (Programmers or Developers) of say Adobe working on a piece of software sometimes sell these Keys for Financial gain.

Here’s the scenario … A Programmer wants a few extra bucks, he sell a Software key from the Software his company is working on to a well-known and established Anti-virus corporation. This Anti-virus corporation creates a program to store these keys (the Keygen) but with an underling piece of code which is a Virus. You the consumer downloads the FREE program online that you want along with the keygen and follow the instructions to run your new FREE piece of software. Unbeknownst to you, you catch a Virus on your Computer and your only hope of recovery is to now BUY the same Anti-virus from the corporation who planted the Virus in the first place…


It’s such a Nasty Business.. And the only person who really gets screwed in the end is you. There are of-cause ways to protect yourself from all this trouble (besides dishing out $1000s for said Software), but this is a much longer discussion for another time.

Processed at your own risk!


Something I forgot to mention … To replicate a 128 bit encrypted key combination is near impossible (unless you have a super computer with time to waste). So that’s why I found it interesting that such a simple program as a Keygen could generate such exact keys for Software downloaded on the internet.


December 1, 2016 · 09:20

BEAUTIFUL WEB DESIGNS #3 ~ http://musicforprogramming.net



MusicForProgramming [dot] net is one of those unconventional website designs that resonates with a niche audience. Coming from a programming background I can appreciate greatly the simplicity of text on a screen and the manipulation of it to form legible visualizations. And this is done very well here. From the opening header which is a play on a Javascript function. To the segmentation of sections with a simple comment line,

// Introduction ¬†——————————–


// Episodes ———————————–

the design is clearly evident of a typical programming IDE.

Besides the look, the website is a simple music player for tranquil programming. As explained by lifehacker.com:

Music For Programming is a handy little online tool with an hour-long playlist of non-vocal music designed to help you stay in the zone.


I will definitely be plugged in to some of these tunes in time of heavy programming need…

Overall score: 7.5

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November 15, 2016 · 11:39


This week I had the prevailage of observing Trinidad & Tobago’s Central Statistics Office website.

We are currently working on our own’s (the government of Dominica CSO website), and for inspiration we had a look at different similar websites in the region. T&T’s website CSO[dot]GOV[tt] stood out to us with it’s simple yet practical approach to Statistics visualization.


Another cool feature I liked was it’s Header navigation, a simple + sign brings down some additional Header information.


My overall score:


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October 19, 2016 · 12:38


Hello Friend!

I know you’ve missed me, and I’ve miss you too.. It’s been hectic… New job, New projects, new beginnings…

To make it up to you for my absence, I’ve embarked on a special weekly project to bring you the Webs most Beautiful designs. Every week I’ll showcase a new website or web service which contains a unique design element or aesthetic to it’s design. Web development is changing and becoming more minimalist, retro and flat, and it’s our prerogative as Web workers to keep abreast of the trends.

This week ->  http://gotrinidadandtobago.com




GoTrinidadandtobago[dot]com is a website designed for TNT’s Travel Industry. What I like about it is it’s ability to immerse¬†you right away into the festive atmosphere of TNT’s one-of-a-kind Carnival and events. The site is bright and rich of imagery of the spirit of Trinidad..

My overall score:


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October 12, 2016 · 13:40

How I used Programming to solve a programming problem

Sometimes in programming you come upon a point where you have to include code which are non-code. Non-code in my opinion¬†are segments¬†in your code that is necessary to allow your overall program to run but doesn’t directly change the purpose of the code. For example¬†lorem ipsum for a HTML placeholder or an array list with specific Strings or Numbers.

In my case I needed to change a python list array range of numbers from 0 Р100 in multiples of 10 to  0 Р100 in multiples of 1.


The problem was I needed to type 0 – 100 in a specific format (“4.00”, “5.00”, “6.00” ¬†etc…), separated by commas with ” “ enclosed for each index in the list. Don’t get me wrong, this can be done, but it would have taken me some time.¬†Being a programmer I thought there should be a better way. Hence my reason for the below automated approach.

I first included the range of numbers I wanted into excel, (1, 2, … ) then dragged to 100.


After  I copied those numbers into a plain text file where I then added a simple one line Python code

num = [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …. ]

for edits in num:
print ‘”%r.00″,’ % edits,

to concatenate the list. 


And finally, in a little under 5 minutes I got my desired results. 


Programming to solve programming problems is Fun.. You can check out the final results on the slider here || www.budgeat.co ||

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June 14, 2016 · 22:51